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When you’re ready to put a new heater into your home, you can count on Aquinas HVAC Inc. to deliver consistent, top-quality service. We are comfortable providing exceptional service tailored to your unique needs because we bring the same level of dedication to each job. We want you to feel comfortable with us and satisfied with the job we leave behind. That means honest pricing, excellent service, and absolutely no messes for you to clean when our technicians are gone. In addition, we also serve numerous other locations, take a look! Make sure to check out the rest of our HVAC services!

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What You Should Know Before Your Heater Installation

When you reach out to us wanting to install a new heater, there are several things that we will discuss as we work together to find your perfect system.

Things to consider while choosing the perfect heater for your needs include:

  • Your ideal spending budget: Costs for a heater installation will vary according to the location, system size, and amount of units needed. It’s best to have a realistic idea of how much you are willing to spend before the heater installation process starts.

  • The size you need: Inspections and measurements can tell you exactly what size heater systems make the most sense for the location.

  • The amount of time needed for the installation process: You don’t want a rushed installation job and you also don’t want to go over schedule or budget. We’ll make sure to communicate throughout the process to make sure unit installation flows smoothly.

  • Type of filters used: Are the air filters reusable? How often should they be replaced? These are questions you’ll want to ask and answer ahead of time.

  • Availability of tax rebates: If you install a new, energy-efficient heater, it could get you a federal tax credit or rebates through your local utility company.

  • Maintenance needs: How often will it require maintenance and cleaning? Will this be a straightforward process or cost considerable time and money? Don’t wait until after the installation to know the answer to these questions.

When you call Aquinas HVAC Inc., we’ll be ready and able to answer all of your installation questions.

When Should I Replace My Heater?

Although some furnaces can last more than 40 years, the average lifespan of a furnace is much shorter than that -- around 15 to 30 years. Regular heater maintenance can help ensure that your furnace lasts over 15 years. The HVAC technicians at Aquinas HVAC Inc. will help you predict how much time your heater has left. If you notice the following issues, or if your heating system is over 15 years old, it might mean that a heater replacement is in your near future:

  • Rising energy bills despite no change in usage
  • Yellow burner flame instead of blue
  • Strange noises from the heater
  • Consistent repairs needed in short periods of time
  • Thermostat that constantly needs adjustment
  • Short cycling, meaning that the heating system kicks on and off for short periods of time
  • An abnormal amount of dust gathering in your home

Do You Need A Heater In San Jose?

Absolutely! Weather can be unpredictable, as can the temperatures. For those cooler mornings and evenings, you’ll be happy you have a working heater to keep your home nice and comfortable. When it’s time to get a heater installed, it’s time to call on Aquinas HVAC Inc. When you’re in need of expert heating installations in San Jose with upfront pricing, you can count on us to never disappoint. Make sure to take a look at our 5-star reviews!

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